Testimonials for the ‘Direct Deposit’ Category

Direct Deposit and a Rewards Loyalty Program

Anonymous -

That it has direct deposit and the rewards points.

Direct Deposit

Jennifer - Pleasant Grove, UT

I like that my benefits get automatically deposited in to the AchieveCard every month.

Direct Deposit

Anonymous -

“I like my achieve card because I can have my checks put on it from work when I get a job.”

I Like Its Convenience

Leslie - Rochester, NY

“I like its convenience.”


Larry - Bakersfield, CA


Direct Deposit Makes Life Easier

Winnowna - Denver, CO

“I like having direct deposit.”

Overall Satisfaction!

Mike - St. Petersburg, FL

“Overall satisfaction!”

Practical and Useful

Philippe - Huntsville, AL

“It’s practical and very useful.”

It’s a Convenient Card

Esther - Baltimore, MD

“It’s a convenient card.”

Direct Deposit

Allison - Avon Park, FL

“I can get direct deposit on the card.”

Deposit Always on Time

Lonzie - Upper Darby, PA

“My deposit is always in on time and always accurate.”

It is So Easy!

Cindy - Rome, GA
“It is so easy to deal with.”

No Hassle with Checks

Stacy - Vidalia, GA
“It’s easy to use, and I have no hassle with checks.”

Keeps My Money

Bob - Kakaris, OH
“It’s a place to keep my money.”

Direct Deposit is Convenient

Glenda - Gibson City, IL
” It’s very convenient and nice to be able to put my check into direct deposit.”


Kenny - Baltimore, MD

Very Convenient

Tamika - Philadelphia, PA
“It’s very convenient.”

Works Well

Mike - Duluth, MN
“It works well.”

This is the Best PrePaid Card

Tina - Merdian, MS

Easy and Fast!

Diane - Waldport. OR
“It is easy and fast.”

Easy and Simple

Mike - Orlando, FL
“Easy and simple!”

Fees are Very Reasonable

Tina - Delanco, NJ
“I think the fees are very reasonable.”

Never Have to Carry Cash

Anthony - Providence, RI
“I never have to carry cash.”

It is Handy!

Marilyn - St.Louis, MO
“It’s handy and my money has been on time.”

I like its Accessibility!

Terrance - Baltimore, MD
“I like its accessibility; I can go to ATM, receive my direct deposit, and also make purchases with my card.

Accepts Direct Deposit!

Kasey - Scottsdale, AZ
“It serves its purpose, I needed a account to do my direct deposit.”

Everything is Electronic

Tammy - Lincoln, NE
“I like the convenience of direct deposit; there is no check writing.”

Direct Deposit is Convenient

La Tonya - Mansfield, TX
“The card is a convenient way to receive your check.”

Safe and Quicker

Thomas - Cambridge, OH
“It makes getting my benefit check safe and quicker; there is no waiting on the mailman or worries of my check getting stolen.”

I Like Having My Disability Checks Directly Deposited

Raven - Wamsutter, WY

“I like the convenience of not having to carry cash and having my disability checks deposited. I don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the mail or finding somewhere to cash them.”

Best Thing to Happen to Me

Judy - Nashille, IL

“AchieveCard is the best thing that has happen to me.”

Receive My Check Direct Deposit

Glenda - Gibson City, IL

“Very convenient and it is nice to be able to receive my check direct deposit”