AchieveCard Testimonials

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Achieve Reward Points

Anonymous -

I had liked the idea of being able to earn points for rewards!


Molly - Milwaukee, WI

“I don’t have to carry cash anymore. Beautiful.”

No More Carrying Cash

Jackie -

“I like my achieve card! I find it very easy to make purchases when need to and I don’t have to always have to carry money in my pockets.”

Direct Deposit

Jennifer - Pleasant Grove, UT

I like that my benefits get automatically deposited in to the AchieveCard every month.

Direct Deposit

Anonymous -

“I like my achieve card because I can have my checks put on it from work when I get a job.”

Good Times All Around

Elvis - Riverside, CA

“It’s a great experience.”

Text Updates!

Jeff - Cumberland, MD

“I like getting a text message after every use. Sometimes I get a message before I even get out the door. It’s quick and let’s me know my balance.”


Elaine - Houston, TX

“Easy to use.”

Phone Balance Inquiry!!!!

Anonymous -

I’m not charged to check my balance by calling in.


Cassandra - Tulare, CA

The awesome convenience of not carrying money because you might lose it.

It’s a Convenient Card

Esther - Baltimore, MD

“It’s a convenient card.”

Customer Service is Great

Alexis - Union City, NJ
“It’s hassle free, and the customer service is great.”

Save Money

Thalina - Reno, NV
“It’s convenient to use, and I save more of my money when it’s on my card rather than carrying cash.”

No Surprises or Hidden Fees

Rebecca - Houston, TX
“I use my AchieveCard, because there are no surprises or hidden fees.”

I like its Accessibility!

Terrance - Baltimore, MD
“I like its accessibility; I can go to ATM, receive my direct deposit, and also make purchases with my card.

Easy to Use and Easy to Load

Lisa - Tucson, AZ

“I like my card because it is easy to use and easy to load. with no hidden fees .”

Staff Is Extremely Helpful

Cyndi - Bloomington, MN

“It is so easy to use, and the staff is extremely helpful.”

Takes care of Everything!

Lynn - Ranchita, CA
“I like the ease of it, not having to carry cash, and the ability to pay my bills online or by phone.”

Love It!

Susan - Seattle, WA
“Love it! It is  easy.”

Convenient and Easy

Gloria - Cleveland, OH
“It is very convenient and easy to use.”

Good to Have

Van - Tampa, FL

“It’s good to have.”

Cash Deposits at Local Stores

Dominick - Millsboro, DE

“I use Green Dot Card everyday, because I can make cash deposits at Wal-mart and Kmart.”

Nice to Have When Shopping Online

Kenney - Bowie, MD
“It’s nice to have when shopping online.”

Works Well

Mike - Duluth, MN
“It works well.”

No Hidden Fees, No Deceit

Michaline - Pittsfield, MA
“No hidden fees, no deceit. What you offered is what I’m getting.”

Easy to Add Funds

James - San Diego, CA

“I love how easy it is to add funds almost anywhere I go.”

It’s Easy

Roxanne - Tucson, AZ

“I like it. It’s easy”

I Can Load My Card Where I Shop!

Terri - Shreveport, LA
“I like the convenience of putting money on my card. I usually go to Walmart to do most of my shopping, so it is very convenient to be able to load my card where I shop. I don’t have to make special trips to a business to load my card.”

It’s a Good Card to Have for Your Money

Nachicqua - Lubbock, TX

“It’s a good card to have for your money.”

I Just Adore It

Georgianna - Mount Joy, PA

“I just adore it, it’s so easy to use.”

It Is Easy to Add Funds

James - San Diego, CA

“I love how easy it is to add funds almost anywhere I go.”

I Like the AchieveCard

Aquilla - Carrollton, GA

“I like the AchieveCard, because if I have to have money sent to me out of town it only costs $4.95.”

It is So Easy to Use

Cyndi - Bloomington, MN

“It is so easy to use and the staff is extremely helpful”

Use It at Stores

Helena - Chicago, IL
“I like the ability to use it at stores.”

Green Dot Compatibility

Brett - -Bismark, ND

“I like using the Green Dot to fund my card.”

Fits to My Budget

Ricardo - Las Vegas, NV

“It fits to my budget and is very easy to load money.”

Accepts Direct Deposit!

Kasey - Scottsdale, AZ
“It serves its purpose, I needed a account to do my direct deposit.”

Easy to Use

Martha - Greensboro, NC

“It is easy to use and the fees are reasonable. I have not had any trouble using the card.”


Larry - Bakersfield, CA


Fast and Easy to Use

Simonica - Mattapan, MA

“It is fast and easy to use.”

It’s Nice to Have a Card to Use

Ronnie -
“It’s nice to have a card to use.”

Easy to Reload

Angel - Johnson City, NY

“It’s easy to reload and better than carrying cash.”

No Hidden Fees!

Ashley - Forrest City, AR
“No hidden fees!”

Very Convenient

Tamika - Philadelphia, PA
“It’s very convenient.”

No Over Spending!

Danny - La Quinta, CA
“I like that I can’t over extend myself- can’t spend what I don’t have.”

Safe, Good, and Convenient!

Rodney - Newar, NJ
“Safe, good, and convenient.”

Make Online Purchases

Aaron - Santa Maria, CA

“I can purchase things online!”

It’s Reloadable

Terrake - Gallaway, TN

“I’m able to reload the card.”

Easy and Affordable

Michael - Gunnison, CO
“It’s easy and affordable.”

Loading Money is Easy

Kerry - Marlborough, MA
“Easy to use and load with money.”

Good for Emergencies

Evonne - Nashville, TN
“It is good thing to have for emergencies.”

It’s Easy to Add Money

Wesley - Greebsboro, NC
“It’s easy to add money, and I can use it just about anywhere.”

Shopping is Conveinent

Diane - Indianapolis, IN
“It is safer to have my money on the card instead of cash on hand, and it is conveinent when I go shopping.”

Use It for Online Purchases

Charlene - Chicago, IL

“I can use it for online purchases.”

Convenience of Putting Money on My Card

Terri - Shreveport, LA

“I like the convenience of putting money on my card. I usually go to Wal-mart to do most of my shopping; so it is very convenient to be able to load my card where I shop, and not have to make special trips to a business to load my card.”

I’m Able to Buy Online

Shelly - Ponca city, OK

“I enjoy being able to buy online”

Online Shopping Now Accessible

Christian - Andrade, MI
“I can buy online.”

Very Helpful

Eliza - Tinley Park, IL
“I was in a situation where I was in desperate need. You sent the card, and it was very helpful. Thank you so much.”

Easy and Fast!

Diane - Waldport. OR
“It is easy and fast.”

A Way to Set Money Aside

Elaine - Lexington, KY

“This is a way to set money aside, not to spend, for future purposes.”

It is Convenient!

Emily - Richmond, MO
“It is convenient, and I like the options to be able to spend or to save.”

Paying Bills Made Easy

Denise - Conway, AR

“It takes only minutes to pay bills.”

Always There When I Need It!

Lanson - Denham Springs, LA

“It’s always there when i need it!!!!”

Fees are Very Reasonable

Tina - Delanco, NJ
“I think the fees are very reasonable.”